Simple calendar component for React  

  React   Oct 5, 2018

First here is the repository on github and the demo page.

Why a new component?

Quite simple answer, I needed a calendar that could be customized easily for multiple small projects.

This component handles the display of the calendar, and you can give it a custom element for the cells and/or the title (meaning name of the days). You could also don’t use this custom component and just display the date (for a date picker for example - see below).

The main callback is onDateSelected which will be called - as you would guess - when a cell has been clicked with the date as parameter, so you can do anything, like displaying a modal to create lets say an event.

More information on the documentation.

Quick demo

function DatePicker() {
	var date = new Date('08/05/2018');
	return (
				{/* you could add buttons to navigate between months */}
				onDateSelected={date => console.log(date)}

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