February's 1GAM

My new job has made me realize how much I miss coding games. So this weekend, I’ve decided to start on an old idea of mine for the February’s OneGameAMonth. Nothing really new actually, but I need to (re)start from somewhere.

The concept

It’s mostly a super crate box like game. You are alone in an arena, and you have to fight until you die.

Power ups and weapons are spawning randomly in the level. The player will be able to carry only one weapon, so if you take a weapon, you’ll loose the previous one. But you can’t use a weapon indefinitely, each weapon has a number of shots (except for the default gun). So be careful with your choices.

The goal is to obtain the better score you can. You need to beat a score to unlock the next level.

I would like to have a multi-player local mode, where you are both (or maybe 1 to 4 players?) in the same arena, and you have to get the better score. You can’t directly kill the other players, but you can help them die.

The tools

As always, I’ve been using :


The prototype

Right now, what’s working?

  • Movements - Gravity - Collisions detection
  • You can use the XBOX 360 and PS3 controllers (and probably others) and the keyboard
  • Monsters spawns
  • Power ups’ boxes spawns (but power ups are not implemented yet)
  • Scores (Right now, you can’t really die, and since monsters are indefinitely spawning from the top of the level, you could have a huge score :D)

So, what’s next?

  • More monsters
  • More weapons
  • More levels
  • Multi-players mode

Here is a screenshot:


You can play it here.

Stay tuned…