Ludum Dare 26 : Post mortem

This weekend took place the 26th edition of the Ludum Dare event. So as I was busy for half the weekend, I decided to enter the contest, but with only 12 hours to make a game.

This time, with my coworkers from Atelier 801, we decided to work together, not on the same game, but at the same place, the company’s headquarters. It was really a good experience, and it helped me to focus on working.

I’ve used Haxe to make a flash game.

You can find the game here : What the fish !! and the vote form here.

How I prepared

  • For each theme in the final theme voting round, I’ve tried to come with a game concept. So before the beginning of the contest, I had lots of ideas.
  • I went to bed early the day before, so I was able to get up in the early morning.

What went right

  • I found a really simple (minimalist) game idea, where you have to kill fishing boats with potatoes (wait… what??). And of course, do not kill the pink salmons ;)
  • I made all the sprites really quickly, because I didn’t want to lose time on this.
  • I make flash games for a living, so the code is not really what’s bothering me the most.
  • Working with other people also participating to the Ludum Dare contest sets up a really nice working atmosphere.

What could have been better

  • The theme :D, because I had other (great?) ideas, but ideas that didn’t really fit with this theme
  • To have a little more time…