One Game A Month Challenge

What is the ‘one game a month’ challenge ?

The goal is to publish at least one game by month for a year (so 12 games … if the calendar has not changed since the last time I checked).


Why ?

In my (short) indie developper’s life, finishing games is like the most difficult thing to do, mainly because of the lack of motivation. On my computer, I have a lot of prototypes … but not a real game (by real, I mean finished).
So I hope this challenge will help motivating me, by showing my work to the whole community, and will allow me to improve my skills.

I’m not really a good 2D artist, but I’m really trying to upgrade this skill, so that I can make games without being limited by the design. I am aware that I’m not going to become a real artist, but if I can make basic pixel assets, it will be a fantastic move !

Earn XP for doing what you love: making games!

This challenge has an XP system based on the achievements you won. All this system is juste for fun, there is no gain, just motivation and pride (at least if games are published ^^).

My profile page :

Let’s start with the first game !!