1GAM May 2013 - Planets Experiment

For this month, here is a prototype of a conquest game. No levels and no IA (I did not have enough time to finish it before the end of the month).

Two factions: greens vs reds, you are the green ones. The goal is to conquer all the planets.

Click on a planet to select it, click again (or outside) to unselect. If a planet is selected, click on another planet to send 50% of your ships to it.

To conquer a neutral one, send as much ships as indicated. When enough ships are in place, an hourglass will appear during the conquest. When it’s done, the planet is yours.

Planets with a heart icon can regenerate ships, only if there is at least one ship remaining.

Game made with Haxe and my game engine AGE.
Assets are from blackmoondev.com (thanks to them).

Update 22/07: basic AI - end game screen (F5 to restart)

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Works on the latest versions of Chrome - Firefox - Opera and Safari.