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  productivity   Jun 28, 2014 is a simple tool that let you create and publish static web pages from a dropbox folder or a git repository.

How does it works ?

Step 1

Connect to your Dropbox account

Step 2

Create a project


It will create text files into your Dropbox > Applications > directory.

Step 3

Now go to [subdomain] and look at the example page.

If you have an example.txt file, then it will be reachable at [subdomain]


There is a simple template engine, that let you customize your static page as you want.

For that, you have to create a template document (my_template) :

doctype html
    title Pistachio Pizzeria
    link rel='stylesheet' href='/style.css' type='text/css'

    == content # will display content here

And in your page (my_file.txt) :

template: my_template

Your content goes here

You can also use variables into your template (for more info check

Overview of supported files :


Here is a page I’ve made, with the default theme but custom css rules:

For more information, please check the official doc.

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